Transport with trucks

Pick up and delivery trough out Europe

Our self-owned vehicles and permanent subcontractors, in their bright yellow and red colours, are very much at home over all of Germany and across Europe.

One of the requirements of our customer oriented, self-owned fleet, consisting of coil trailers and semi-trailers is the safe transport, from our warehouse location to the respective consignees.

Aside from domestic road transportation, we also move our customer‘s goods to and from the Benelux countries, Great Britain, France, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Eastern Europe, every day.
The right equipment, in the form of particularly light and specially constructed semi-trailers together with special permits allow us to execute truck transports with a width of up to three metres and weights of up to 40 tonnes. With this, we can transport heavy coils and standing split strips without any problems. A very large proportion of our fleet is fitted with special flexible coil hollows which can be covered.

Our responsible handing of consumables is part and parcel of our company’s policies. This is also applicable their efficient use as well as to the avoidance of environmental pollution. Our self-owned trucks units all fall under the Emissions class 6.
The responsible and long term cooperation with our permanent subcontractors is of primary importance to us. Treating them in a friendly and fair manner is a given for our company.

For our subcontractors we offer a further advantage. We take care of the reimbursement. The requirements of our subcontractors with regard to reliability, appearance and care for the vehicle are continuously monitored. Other suppliers are also evaluated correspondingly.