The special packaging for your steel products

CTS Cremerius-Transport-Service GmbH has been stuffing and stripping containers successfully since 2007. Our qualified employees have been trained according to the presently applicable regulations regarding the securing of loads, VDI2700a for road transport and the container packing guidelines, the CTU.

We pack slabs, pipes, plates, stainless steel blocks, slit strips and steel coils for you. The 20/40 foot standard containers, High Cube, Open Top and flat containers are the most common and well known types of containers that we handle.
Die gestauten Container werden anschließend mit Binnenschiffen oder Kümos zu den Seehäfen The stuffed containers are then sent to the sea ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp through inland waterways ships or coastal vessels. While doing this, we have the advantage of the close proximity of our Logistics Centre to the container terminal of the Duisberg Harbour. The disposal and the provision of the empty container is also regulated from here.

After arrival at the sea port, the containers are loaded onto the respective sea-going ships.
From 1st July 2016, loaders are obliged to report the Verified Gross Mass – VGM to the carrier prior to loading a stuffed container. All the member states of the International Maritime Organization have to comply with the VGM Directive while taking into account their own national regulations.

Our organisation has a weighbridge for trucks, set into the ground, with which we can quickly determine the VGM weight of your container.