Tri-modal and weather-independent handling

Through the optimal connection of roads, rail and the waterways network, the supply and despatch to and from our Logistic Centre is assured at all times.

At the water side of the premises, our own connection to the rail network extends over a total length of 300 metres.
A further important building block of our tri-modal handling system is the hall, which extends over the water. It is fitted with an overhead crane, which can be controlled both from above and below and has a carrying capacity of up to 40 tons. Depending on the level of the water, inland and coastal motorised ships with capacities of up to 5,000 tons can be loaded and unloaded.
The open storage, which has also been designed in a tri-modal way, can handle piece weights of up to 40 tons with its three crane bridges

More than 30 employees work in shifts and ensure that all your requirements are fulfilled just as you wish for and that, on time.