We grow along with the challenges we face every day

CTS Cremerius-Transport-Service GmbH in Duisburg offers you a variety of services across the entire logistics and forwarding business.

We are your contact for coil samples, unpacking of coils and repacking of your steel coils and slit strips onto pallets (eye to side / eye to sky).

We can also offer you the separation of split strips.
Ultrasound testing of plates, tensile strength testing of steel products in test laboratories and the processing of plates and cathodes are jobs that we carry out every day.

Over and above that, we offer our customers longitudinal gas cutting and cutting to size of thick plates and slabs.
- Taking coil samples and unpacking steel coils
- Separating split strips from each other and unpacking them
- Packing material onto pallets (eye to sky / eye to side)
- Ultrasound testing for thick plates and slabs
- Tensile strength testing of steel products in a test laboratory
- Processing of steel plates and cathodes
- Cutting to size and longitudinal cutting of thick plates and slabs
- Relabelling of material and picking