More than just the storage and handling of goods

Our Logistics Centre in the Duisburg Parallel Harbour is spread over a total of 25,000 m², over 5 halls of which some can be heated and which have a total volume of about 150,000 cubic metres of covered space.

In addition to that, we have 6,500 m² of open storage space which is fitted with three independent 40 ton crane bridges and which also extend over the water.
Aside from the transport, storage and the tri-modal handling of steel products, our daily duties also include services such as the unpacking and test cuts of coils, the cross sectioning and various ultrasound testing of heavy plates and slabs as well as the stuffing and stripping of containers.

It would give us great pleasure to inform you of our storage capacities, handling opportunities, container business and our other services, which we can offer you.
  Storage / Also heated
  Handling / Independent of the weather!
  Containers / Stuffing and stripping
  Services / The all-round problem-free package!