Transport through inland waterways ships

Logistics of an entirely different magnitude

Through the establishment of our own inland waterways shipping division, we have succeeded in being able to offer yet another building block in a comprehensive supply chain from a single supplier.

And this has had significant success. This is because, in the meanwhile, the CTS Cremerius-Transport-Service GmbH already has already been acting as a handling and forwarding agent in the large, well-known harbours.

After unloading seagoing vessels and the successful clearing of customs, together with our customers, we decide as to whether we should transport the material by truck, inland shipping or waggons from our warehouse or directly to the final consignee.
Our mainstay continues to be imported goods, which are transported inland through inland waterways transport from the sea harbours of Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Gent (ARAG). There is a significant plus here, the supply to our customers in the steel industry through our terminal in the Duisburg Harbour.

Aside from the steel business that we already know very well, the project business and new areas of operation, such as heavy cargo and bulk goods, are of increasing importance to us.

Our catchment area includes the Rhine, the Moselle and the Danube, as well as the entire German canal area.
Depending upon what the customer requires, we supply the right shipping space with weights from 400 to 5,000 tons per ship. Here, we employ small barges as well as large Rhine ships and coupled tug-barge systems.

By chartering freely moving shippers, permanent owner-operators and in close collaboration with our trusted partners in Holland and Belgium, our inland waterways division moves goods of quantities to a magnitude of about 600,000 to 800,000 tons per year.