International transportation

Transport with trucks, inland waterway ships, ocean going vessels and goods wagons

The geographical location of Duisburg, at the heart of Europe, guarantees optimal pre and on carriage of goods.

Duisburg, which is situated directly on the Rhine and Ruhr, is an international trade and logistics centre. It provides an optimal connection to the road, rail and waterways networks.  We transport our customer goods daily, to and from the Benelux countries, Great Britain, France, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Eastern Europe.
In order to transport containers, which you fill and strip yourself , on rail cars or inland waterways ships to European harbours such as Antwerp, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, one will always use the proximity of the RRT Rhine-Ruhr Terminal in Duisburg‘s Harbour.

It would be our pleasure to inform you about our truck transportation system, transportation through inland waterways and ocean-going ships as well as of the possibilities of the same through wagons.
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