Your goods in our hands

CTS Cremerius-Transport-Service GmbH’s Logistics Centre is spread over a total area of about 25,000 m².

5 halls with a covered storage area of 12,500 m² and a total volume of about 150,000 m³ of covered space is available to you at the Duisburg Parallel Harbour. They have two lane loading and unloading lanes for trucks. Due to the covered loading lanes, we guarantee our customers a weather-independent handling of their goods.
Two halls with a total area of 5,500 m² are available as temperature-controlled storage areas for coils. A modern roof heating system prevents the coils from “sweating” and thus, it provides optimal storage conditions for weather-sensitive material.

By maintaining a constant temperature of 12 °C, we prevent the formation of rust on the material. For the storage of the coils, we only use Rollstop plastic wedges manufactured by Lankhorst.
From 2010, in Duisburg, the CTS Cremerius-Transport-Service GmbH has a 6,500 m², tri-modal open storage space. Through our three 40 ton crane bridges, weather-insensitive material can be handled and stored here.

In Duisburg, we store steel products such as heavy steel coils, girders, slabs, strips and quarto plates, bars and pipes, we also store concrete construction components and palletted goods. The volume handled runs to about 600,000 tons per annum.